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Entity that assist startups in shaping their concept into the right direction or helping them accelerate their business usually face mix of challenges experienced by investor and startup at the same time. Key objectives are linked to success of their program(s). Resources are limited so key words here are quality and efficiency. MatchBoard help you to cut cost, reduce overhead and focus on right right opportunities that suite your investing/acceleration goals.

Single application with multiple functionality

With MatchBoard you can:

  • Set up different criteria for different types of accelerators and funds
  • Define your own search criteria
  • Track progress in your dealflow
  • Keep all your team members in one application
  • Review structured business plan
  • Understand better business concepts and ideas

Join MatchBoard to experience it all.

Acquisition flow

There are two essential factors that determine whether the acquisition flow produces fruitful results. As much as possible of good companies IN (qualified as early as possible) and as much as possible of bad companies OUT (qualified out as early as possible). Matchboard preserves the integrity of your acquisition flow across accelerator’s user base. Rather than spending dozens of hours to get to point when qualified candidate starts producing meaningful inputs – leave this on MatchBoard. Take your quality time and leverage you knowledge for right set up of the flow and execute it with right candidates.

Know your portfolio

Now, your agreements both with companies and investors might not necessarily transaction based. Furthermore, some commitments, obligations and responsibility possibly need to be executed after the funding agreement was made. In that respect MatchBoard can easily help you keep track of status of the invested companies along with agreed terms and same for the agreements with the investors.