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1. Will I find company to invest into on Matchboard?

You might find such a company, but nobody, not even Matchboard can guarantee that.

2. Is investing into start-ups and generally into any other business risky?

Yes, it is. It is very risky. Start-ups and companies are very risky investments. Expect to lose your money. Don’t invest more than you’re comfortable losing. If you can’t accept losing money, don’t invest.

3. When in doubt, don’t invest.

Start investing small. If you want, invest more as you learn. The environment, business, technology, customer requirement keep changing. You should never invest more than 10% of your net worth in startups or early stage companies—these investments are risky and illiquid.

Aim to reasonably diversify. You should invest only if you have enough free capital to make 15-20 startup or early stage company investments. You should expect your total losses to exceed your gains.

We definitely do not recommend to invest borrowed capital for the reasons explained here.

Past performance does not predict future success. This applies to all, companies, successful founders, nvestors and investment funds/clubs ets.

Do your own research. The information on Matchboard.co submitted by users and is not verified by Matchboard.co. We do not conduct due diligence on any investor or company.

Start-ups and early stage companies change their plans constantly. And they don't need your permission to do so. Plans and forecasts are not predictions about the future performance.

Stick to the facts and don't make forecasts when you talk about a fundraising company. Investors, authorities and regulators can use non-facts or forecasts to go after the company or individual.

You must agree not to hold Matchboard responsible for your losses or missed opportunities.

4. I have defined my matching criteria, but can see no start-up to invest into.

The reasons could be, among others: your matching criteria do not match with any start-up profile; there are not enough companies registered on Matchboard to match with your investor profile; the companies have chosen not to share publicly their profiles; etc.

5. I have agreed to have exclusive negotiations with the start-up I wanted to invest into, but I learned they had changed their status to visible to other investors, too. Can you change the status of the start-up to invisible?

Sorry, we can’t. Matchboard is just a tool. It’s like the real life, when someone decides to talk to other investors in spite he/she promised exclusivity to you, it’s only you and the other party who can sort this out.

6. Can I change my matching criteria?

Sure, anytime. You might experience a different set of companies suitable for your investing criteria.