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If starting and scaling the business is a truly tough journey then capital raising usually is a key ingredient of it. The common challenge, no matter whether you raise your first chunk of external capital or you seek for complementary financing for your SME/SMB, can be to wrapped up into following statement: Yes, it is difficult and be prepared to commit a lot of effort and money. Most early stage companies experience that raising funds is:

  • Difficult. Founders find it very hard to talk to investors and feel they are misunderstood or not understood at all. And vice versa.
  • Confusing. Founders do not know how to properly communicate key aspects of their business to investors.
  • Lengthy and costly. Takes a lot of time and consumes most of companies resources. Instead of developing their own business founder get caught up in endless meetings, pitching, presentations, contests etc.
  • Not very successful. It usually takes to meet 120-150 investor to get an investor on board, if any. Often the founders don’t know how where and how to find the right investor. For the survival of the start ups the smart money, i.e. money coming with the right investor(s) is very often more important than just the money.

Single application with multiple functionality

With MatchBoard you can:

  • Understand your own business/business idea better
  • Describe your business in a structured manner. MatchBoard helps you to deal with investors but also with your clients and your team mates
  • Create your own structured pitch with. All it takes is just one click when you have your business plan
  • Compare your business/business idea with some benchmarks
  • Set up search criteria to find the right investor(s)
  • Review structured business plan
  • Track progress in your negotiations when managing a portfolio of investors
  • Keep all your team members in one application
  • Have all data in one application to deal with many investors

Save money, time and hassle, join MatchBoard !